What a better way to start my new blog than to begin it with the same post I began my first blog with. Reaching back to Monday 2 August, 2010…

*       *       *

What is one of the most powerful things about life? If you look hard enough and really want to learn something it will teach you not one but many valuable lessons every day that you live. I can honestly say that as I’ve gotten older I have certainly tried to be more mindful of these lessons and look for my own teachable moments everyday. Like most of us the cares of life get in the way and we miss an opportunity here and there but today I soaked up a powerful one that I hope to never forget and I’m sure I will not because it is certain to happen again many times over. What lesson you ask? How to let go.

Today was a day in history full of significance for me. As a lover of ancient history today was the day that not only was the Roman army handed it’s worst defeat ever in 216 bc by Hannibal but also the day a couple hundred years later that Julius Caesar uttered the immortal words “Vedi, veni, vici”. There is only one event though that could over shadow that for me… my daughters first day of kindergarten.

Take a minute to compose yourself as I know this sounds crazy and over dramatic but if you knew me or my daughter you would know how close to reality this actually is. My little girl is everything to me and everything that any dad could ever want. We’ve been on “dates” together teaching her how boys should treat her, rolled in the floor wrestling, had tickle fests, read princess books, and yes even danced in the living room to imaginary music with imaginary gowns and suits in an imaginary ballroom. She was my princess and I her prince.

She is my world and my twin of a different gender. We share the same mannerisms, features, likes and dislikes, and can even be just as grumpy so when I let go of her to start school I felt like I was literally letting a piece of myself go. Nothing in this world can ever prepare a dad to let go of his daughter for anything and one should never listen to anyone who says that they have found the secret on how to do it because they haven’t.

It was a beautiful day and a joyous event knowing that she loves to learn and she is beginning an exciting stage of her life but part of me couldn’t help but feel like she was just put in my arms and I held her for only a minute before I had to hug her and tell her to have fun and listen and learn a lot like I did today. It literally happened that fast.

I fell in love with her the first time I laid my ear to my wife’s belly and began speaking to her and then, as if she could actually hear me, she gently pushed on my face as I spoke to her… I was in love from that moment and always will be. I know that she will be greater than what I’ve ever hoped to be and will shine and make us so proud but in order for her to do that I knew I had to do that hardest thing ever… let her go.

I love you Madalyn shine on and be the brightest star that this world has ever seen. You will always be my little princess and I your prince.